Let’s Talk… False Lashes

To lash or not to lash, that is the question! All of my makeup services include the optional addition of false lashes and I currently stock multiple styles of lashes including both strip and individual lashes… but what difference do they really make? In this blog post I will be breaking down all of the styles of lashes that I stock and showing you the differences between them as a helpful guide for your makeup booking.


It’s important to mention that not all makeup looks have to feature false lashes. As an artist, my main focus is ensuring you feel comfortable, both during and after your makeup booking. Some of my clients don’t like the way lashes feel (if you haven’t worn them before, they can take a second to ‘blink them in’ as I like to say!) and some just simply don’t like them! Mascara alone can still achieve a beautiful finish to your eye makeup, so never feel you must choose false lashes when getting your makeup done professionally.

I wanted to include a photo of my natural eyelashes in this blog post so you have a point of reference when comparing each style. My natural lashes are quite long as you can see below, especially with a layer or two of my favourite mascara (Maybelline Sky High!). I have also drawn a very thin line of black eyeliner along my upper lash line; this is something I do for all of my clients when I know we will be using lashes as it helps to blend them in with your natural ones. This can be done in black liquid liner, as seen here, or for those who are wanting a softer finish, I also love using dark brown or black eyeshadow for this step.

It’s important to note that each false lash option will look different on each person, but during your booking we can discuss how you want your eye makeup to look and what lashes will work best to achieve this. So, let’s get started!


The first and most natural style of false lashes are individual lashes. These are similar to eyelash extensions in the way that they are small clusters of lashes rather than a whole strip and they are used to simply fill in any gaps in your natural lashes. Sadly, these don’t last 4-6 weeks like eyelash extensions but they are a fantastic option for someone who is not used to wearing lashes, or doesn’t like the way strip lashes feel as because these have no band, they are completely weightless. I stock three lengths of individuals to cater for all eye shapes and lash lengths. As you can see below, these are very natural – you’d never know I was wearing falsies! I have applied only a few here, but they can be layered to give a fuller finish. They are so versatile – I love them!

Perfect for:

  • Those who are unsure of wearing lashes or who normally find them uncomfortable
  • Brides! I almost exclusively use these for brides are they are cry-proof. As there is no strip on these lashes, they do not lift or move when you cry making them my favourite choice for brides.

As seen on:


My first style of strip lashes that I have in my kit are my ‘petite’ lashes. These are my smallest pair of strip lashes and they are still quite natural! So, why choose these rather than individual lashes? These Petite lashes are better suited for someone who has generally very sparse natural lashes. Individuals require a natural lash to adhere to, so if there is a large gap with no lashes at all, I won’t be able to apply them evenly. I also give all of my clients who choose strip lashes the packaging that they come in as they can be re-worn! Simply take them off and stick them back in the original packaging provided and they are good to be re-used at a later date.

Perfect for:

  • Those with generally very sparse lashes looking for a fuller, more voluminous look.
  • Soft glams!

As seen on:


These lashes are definitely my most popular of my strip lashes and personally, I love them. They are much wispier than the Petite pair and add lots of length! These are best suited for someone wanting to add length to their lashes whilst they already have quite long natural lashes. My natural lashes are actually longer than my Petite lashes so these would be a better choice for me for example!

Perfect for:

  • Those who want to add length to their natural lashes and who like a wispy lash look.
  • A softer eyeshadow look paired with a dark lip – these give just the right amount of drama to the eyes whilst letting your lip colour shine!

As seen on:


My PL18 lashes are the perfect choice for a client wanting to achieve a cat eye look. These pair beautifully with a winger eyeliner as they get longer on the outer corners, naturally lifting and elongating the eyes. They are not as long as the Fleur lashes, they are closer in length to my Petite pair, so they are super comfortable and soft.

Perfect for:

  • Those wanting a fuller lash look without too much length.
  • Cat eye looks – these paired with a winger eyeliner is a match made in heaven!


My final and most glamourous style of lashes are my PL89 lashes. Think of these like Fleur’s dramatic sister! They are both very wispy and very full, perfect for a full glam. Due to their length, I would not recommend these for someone with small eyelid space as they can actually touch your eyebrows if you don’t have enough room! As mentioned before, I of course always give my guidance if you are unsure on what lashes to choose so don’t worry if you are stuck between styles.

Perfect for:

  • Those wanting a dramatic lash look with lots of length and volume!
  • Full glam looks.

Phew – take a shot for every time I just said the word ‘lashes’! I hope you have found this blog helpful; lashes can be a bit of a confusing topic as they can look very intimidating when in their boxes. I absolutely love wearing falsies personally as well as using them in my work, and I have adapted several techniques when applying them over the years to ensure they are comfortable. If you have any questions or concerns during your makeup booking, please let me know so we can make sure you love your finished look.

See you soon! x

Imogen Sandy

Imogen Sandy

Professional makeup artist based in Wokingham, covering Berkshire and surrounding areas.