Tips for Your Wedding Morning

Your wedding morning is such an exciting and emotional morning, and many brides can feel overwhelmed in the lead up to the big day. This is SO normal! You have spent months, sometimes years, planning all the elements going into your wedding day and you have every right to feel nervous! I have been lucky enough to be a part of over 50 big days so I thought I would put together a little list of my top tips for your wedding morning to help things run as smooth as possible.

Utilise Your Bridesmaids

One thing I don’t see enough of is brides making the most out of having large bridal parties. If you are a bride with multiple bridesmaids or friends planning to join you on your wedding morning, utilise the extra pairs of hands! Give each of them a job so you can focus on the important bit – getting married!

Jobs for your bridesmaids/bridal party may include:

  • keeping the room neat and tidy
  • keeping you hydrated and well fed (this is a very important role!)
  • helping your photographer with anything they may need (see the next tip for what I mean by this)
  • heading off mid-morning to check on your suppliers and venue (florists, cake makers, venue decorators etc).

Your bridal party is there to ease your stress and to support you… so let them!

Organise Bits & Pieces for Your Photographer

If your photographer is booked to join you whilst you are getting ready, they will most likely spend some time photographing different bits and pieces going into your big day. These often include:

  • your dress
  • your shoes
  • your engagement and wedding rings
  • any jewellery you are planning to wear
  • your flowers
  • your wedding day perfume

Put all of these items into one box so once your photographer arrives, your bridesmaid (who is in charge of helping your photographer) can get the box for them and bingo! Sorted!

Steam Dresses the Night Before

This tip is so over looked but really will save you on the big day. Brides with early ceremonies or brides getting married in summer – listen up! Steam your dresses the night before your big day. Not only will steaming dresses make you hot and sweaty (two things you do not want to be on your wedding day), it also totally messes with hair and makeup. It will melt makeup off and will make your hair drop. Please steam them the night before, with love from your hair and makeup team x

Allocate Spaces for your Hair and Makeup Artists

Allocating spaces for your hair and makeup artists is so helpful for us and ensures we can get started as soon as we arrive. Hair stylists will need to be near a plug point and makeup artists will want to be near a window or natural light wherever possible. We would also love a decently sized table or counter to lay out all of our kit (ideally hip height to save us bending over as much – I know I’m being so fussy now!) Don’t worry, I will always make sure to leave room for your glass of prosecco.

Create a Playlist

This could be a fun activity for the night before your big day with your bridal party or if one of your girls is especially good on the aux, allocate them this job! Having good music on throughout your wedding morning never fails to lift the mood, whether it’s full of cheesy pop songs or songs with a slower, more relaxed pace.

Not sure where to start? Spotify is full of wedding morning playlists so have a look through those to get some inspiration!

Be Over-Organised

You will have a lot on your mind and a lot going on on your wedding morning, so help your future self by being over-organised. This will look different for each bride; I’ve seen brides with excel spreadsheets, I’ve seen brides label and categorise bags they are bringing, and I’ve seen some very impressive timetables! These are all fantastic ideas but do whatever works best for you.

I provide all of my larger bridal parties with timetables for makeups and always recommend your bridal party choose what order they’d like to be in as they then keep an eye on the clock a little more! Try to keep your getting ready room tidy (much easier said than done) and let your bridesmaids know where things are to save you being asked 100 questions on your morning.

Enjoy It!!

Your wedding morning will go by so quickly so enjoy every second! Remember when you walk down the aisle, you will be surrounded by familiar faces of your friends and family who are there to celebrate with you. Take a deep breath and have the best time!

I hope you have found this list of tips helpful, please remember I am here anytime to answer any questions or run through different bits and pieces with you, and I will always do my best to help your morning run smoothly. To read more blog posts about all things bridal, click here!

Imogen Sandy

Imogen Sandy

Professional makeup artist based in Wokingham, covering Berkshire and surrounding areas.