The Ultimate Bridal Makeup Guide

Planning a wedding can be very overwhelming, with so many things to organise, research and book. To hopefully make this process a little easier, I wanted to answer all my frequently asked questions and formulate the ultimate bridal makeup guide for booking in with me!

Timings for the Wedding Day

On the big day, I will need 45 minutes per person. I will arrive to you 5-10 minutes before my start time to get myself set up and ready for the morning! I always like to be finished at least an hour before the ceremony/time you need to leave to head to your ceremony so you have time to finish getting ready, take some photos etc. The final hour of getting ready always fly’s by so you don’t want me faffing around doing your eyebrows!

Schedule for the Day

I provide all of my larger bridal parties with schedules for the morning so everyone knows when they’ll be with me for makeup. I find by having a schedule, everyone keeps an eye on the clock a little more (me included!) and it really helps keep the morning on track.

I always put my brides second to last in the order of makeups – I am very flexible with all other members of the bridal party going in whichever order they prefer, but I always recommend my brides go second to last wherever possible. This is so your makeup is still fresh come the ceremony, but if we are to overrun for whatever reason, you won’t have a clue! Your makeup won’t be rushed and you’ll be blissfully unaware – aka the best way to be!

Touch Ups

During that final hour where all makeups are complete and you’re all finishing getting ready, I will be on hand to do any touch ups. I always tell my brides I can be on hand as long as you want me. If you want me to hang on until you head down the aisle, I can do so. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and want me out of the way, I promise I won’t cry! I totally understand that some brides want minimal fuss and won’t feel the need for me to hang around, whereas others will want me on hand in case of any last minute tears. Whichever category you fall under is no problem and I can be fully flexible to you!

I provide all of my bridal parties with mini lipsticks to touch up with throughout the day. Your lipstick is the main element that will begin to fade as you’re eating and drinking, so I provide everyone with mini versions of their chosen colour to keep this topped up. Every other aspect of your makeup will last throughout the day (and night!), but if you do have any concerns about longevity, we can discuss this during your trial. If you have very oily skin and worry about shininess, I may recommend a setting powder to apply to help control this.

Hair before Makeup or Makeup before Hair?

My most commonly asked question! Sadly one that comes with a long winded answer so bare with me here – I always recommend makeup goes after hair so your makeup is as fresh as possible. However, if anyone is having their hair styled over their face (ladies with short hair or fringes that need to be set in place), I do recommend makeup goes before hair in this circumstance. This is because I’d then have to move your hair out of the way and mess up your style!

So in short, makeup after hair unless you have hair that will be styled and set over your face.

My Set Up on the Wedding Day

On the wedding day, my ideal set up would be in front of a window with lots of natural light. I’d also love a clear table nearby so I can lay out all my products and get myself organised! Extra tip: your hair stylist will want to be set up by a plug socket for all their heated tools!


To get your wedding date secure in my diary, I require a non-refundable deposit of £75. The remaining balance ahead of the big day is then due on the date of your trial. Trials take place around 10 weeks before the wedding day!

Cancellation Policy

To get your wedding date secure in my diary, I require a non-refundable deposit of £75. The remaining balance ahead of the big day is then due on the date of your trial. Trials take place around 10 weeks before the wedding day!

An Extra Top Tip!

If you have plans for your hen do, why not book in to have your makeup done? This is the perfect opportunity to finalise any tweaks with your makeup that may arise from your trial, and the perfect excuse to have a pamper! If your bridal party aren’t having trials with me, this is also a great way for me to meet them before the wedding day so everyone is a familiar face!

If you’re looking for even more top tips for all things bridal, I have two more blog posts for you! Click on the pictures below to head to my Tips for your Bridal Trial blog post and my Bridal Skincare Tips blog post!

I hope this helped answer any questions you may have ahead of booking in for your bridal makeup. If you’re looking for a makeup artist for your big day, drop me a message!

Thank you all for reading!

Imogen Sandy

Imogen Sandy

Professional makeup artist based in Wokingham, covering Berkshire and surrounding areas.